Stream Server 600

Stream Server 600

The Stream Server 600 sits at the heart of the whole forecourt system, providing a flexible soltuion to site monitoring applications, implementing BACnet data objects for all key system operating parameters.

Three powerful ARM Cortex M3 processors provide ample processing power for data collection, extraction and protocol conversion. the unit can support both wired and wireless sensing networks and incorporates 6 power switching relays.

Built on an open communications platform, the Stream Server 600 can seamlessly integrate with other systems and devices.

    Key features of Stream Server 600

    •     One server integrates equipment status and performance data from shop and forecourt
    •     All key information served as BACnet data objects and via web pages.
    •     Additional lighting control functions
    •     In use on hundreds of sites
    •     3 x serial interface, 1 x LON, 1 x Ethernet

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