Forecourt Solutions

Controls for forecourt retailers

Forecourt controls solutions for forecourt retailers

For almost 20 years, Calon have been providing smart control, monitoring and communication solutions to enhance site operations and reduce costs for fuel and c-store retailers. As new business models have evolved, operating margins have come under pressure from increasing energy, environmental and maintenance costs within the fuel retailing and convenience store environment.

Calon provide a range of products specifically designed for forecourt retailers, which have been developed over a period of almost 20 years. Our experience has led to exceptional solutions that are both reliable and effective for this challenging and competitive market. We work closely with OEMs, integrators, FM providers and installers to offer retailers a range of specialised communication, control and monitoring products tailored specifically to the fuel retailer and convenience store environment.

Why choose Calon forecourt control solutions?

Calon products are built around popular industry open standards, including IP, LonWorks, IFSF, BACnet, DALI and ModBus to ensure the widest connectivity and compatibility.

Calon's control solutions are based on a modular approach.  By bringing the pieces together in different ways, a wide range of interfacing, control and monitoring applications can be easily realised with minimum customisation.

Calon forecourt control solutions are cost effective and are proven to help reduce energy and maintenance costs

Systems for the forecourt and store have traditionally been regarded as entirely separate, with nothing in common. Increasingly, as operators seek to streamline their maintenance  and FM operations, there is a need for a single overview of all the equipment and systems on the site, both in the store and on the forecourt.

STREAM from Calon provides a simple solution to satisfy the need for a single management system for the entire site. By integrating data from forecourt and store systems in a low-cost embedded server, it’s possible to present a complete performance overview via web pages or a standardised BMS protocol.

IFSF Standards for Fuel Retailers

More and more fuel retailers are adopting IFSF standards for forecourt equipment and payments. Calon can help you manage the technical challenges of integrating devices such as Price Poles into the IFSF network operating on a typical filling station forecourt with our InfraLINK range of IFSF forecourt interfaces.

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