SmartBridge™ Duo

SmartBridge™ Duo lighting controller

Advanced BACnet -DALI Lighting Controllers

If you are looking for lighting control that offers more than just the basics, the new SmartBridge™  range from Calon is the solution for you. With advanced features, whilst maintaining simplicity in setup and commissioning, SmartBridge™ ticks all the boxes for advanced DALI lighting control.

SmartBridge™ Duo is a highly cost-effective solution to deliver flexible and robust lighting control to a wide range of applications.  SmartBridge™ Duo was designed for use in commercial buildings, educational and research facilities, hotels, retail and residential applications.

Setup and commissioning is simple via an intuitive web interface that can be accessed via a PC, tablet or smart phone. To provide a complete solution, SmartBridge™ Duo can be used alongside InfraLIGHT scene plates and the SmartSensor™.

Benefits of SmartBridge™ Duo include:
  • Complete control and automation with combined control strategies
  • Non-prorietary and can be used in conjunction with modules from other suppliers
  • Simple and convenient installation, commissioning and maintenance via a web interface
  • Flexible solution for use in multiple applications
  • Full BACnet interface for all DALI data points
  • Built-in DALI bus power supply with monitoring functions
  • BACnet IP provides the ability to integrate with BMS, HVAC and other elements of building controls
  • Additional products in the SmartBridge™ range for a complete solution
For technical information about SmartBridge™ Duo or to view the other products in the SmartBridge™ range, simply click on the buttons below.

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