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SmartBridge™  - Ticking all the boxes!
 If you are looking for lighting control that offers more than just the basics, the new SmartBridge™  range from Calon is the solution for you. With advanced features, whilst maintaining simplicity in setup and commissioning, SmartBridge™ ticks all the boxes for advanced DALI lighting control.

The range includes the SmartBridge™ Duo and the SmartBridge™ PoE solutions, both offering flexible and robust lighting control which can be setup and commissioned via a simple, intuitive web interface. This can be accessed via a PC, tablet or smartphone.
Web based set up, commissioning and diagnostic facilities
Setup and commissioning is easy by the use of a web interface that can be accessed from anywhere via a PC, tablet or smart phone. Faults  are identified before a maintenance technician visits the site, ensuring the right diagnosis is made and that the appropriate parts are available to facilitate a first time fix.
Seamless integration
The SmartBridge™ range is flexible and robust, allowing for integration with all major building management systems.
Self healing DALI network 
Unlike other lighting controller solutions, SmartBridge™ is intuitive with the ability to self-heal and auto replace failed devices.
Multiple control strategies in the same zone
SmartBridge™ allows occupancy, constant light and scene based control strategies to be combined within the same zone. This ensures maximum energy and cost savings for the customer.
Increased flexibility
SmartBridge™ allows a sensor on one controller to control the lighting on another controller, increasing flexibility.
Advanced emergency lighting
Can be configured to automatically schedule emergency light testing, for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.
Inbuilt 250mA DALI power supply
SmartBridge™ PoE removes the need for additional equipment with an inbuilt 250mA DALI power supply, helping to keep costs low and maintains simplicity in installation.

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