InfraLIGHT 600

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InfraLIGHT 600 lighting control solution

Advanced Lighting Controllers

The InfraLIGHT 600 advanced lighting control modules provide a flexible and highly cost-effective solution to a wide range of lighting applications, implementing standard software objects for all commonly used lighting control functions.

Designed for use in commercial buildings, educational and research facilities, hotels and residential applications, InfraLIGHT 600 provides support for all popular dimming and control protocols, including DALI, 1-10V and DSI, combined with a high-current switching capability via six relay outputs each rated at 10A. The unit is also equipped with six local digital inputs plus two ‘FastConnect ‘modular sockets for easy connection of conventional wall switches, scene plates and occupancy / lux sensors. A powerful ARM processor provides Scene Control, Constant Light Control plus Occupancy-based control (presence or absence).

Use in conjunction with InfraLIGHT scene plates and lighting sensors to complete the solution. DALI models feature full support for DALI Emergency fittings as well as exposing all the DALI channel, group and lamp feedback via the comms interface. InfraLIGHT 600 is housed in an M36 DIN-rail mounting enclosure for easy fitting into standard electrical panels.
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Key Features of InfraLIGHT 600

  • Complete control and automation with combined control strategies
  • Non-prorietary and can be used in conjunction with modules from other suppliers
  • Simple and convenient installation, commissioning and maintenance via a web interface
  • Flexible solution for use in multiple applications
  • Supports all popular dimming and control protocols including DALI and DSI
  • Built-in DALI bus power supply with monitoring functions
  • Ability to integrate with BMS, HVAC and other elements of building controls
  • Additional products in the InfraLIGHT SmartBridge™ range for a complete solution

Ideal Applications

  • Commercial buildings
  • Educational and research facilities
  • Hotels
  • Large residential properties

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