InfraLIGHT 200

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InfraLIGHT 200 lighting control

InfraLIGHT 200, also known as the "blue box" brings outstanding functionalities to the industry of lighting controls. InfraLIGHT 200 is part of the InfraLIGHT range of lighting control modules.

All InfraLIGHT Modular 200 series controllers feature universal outputs supporting switched circuit lighting control as well as DSI digital dimming . In addition, the two models support The two models support either analog (1-10V) or broadcast DALI dimming, respectively Configuration is achieved via an LNS plug-in, while pre-commission testing is performed via a single push button on the unit.

The controllers are available with a choice of standard lighting connectors on the lighting outputs. InfraLIGHT 200 controller s are housed in a robust powder-coated Zintec steel enclosure suitable for mounting into ceiling of floor voids or into a riser. At only 38mm deep, they are easy to install even in confined spaces. A mounting bracket is available for fast installation onto flat surfaces or for suspension from M6 threaded rod.

Key Fetaures of InfraLIGHT 200

  • Lighting Control Module with up to four zones of control
  • Nine relay-switched lamp outputs with fuse protection
  • LonWorks communication, LonMark 3.4 certified
  • A proven all-in-one solution
  • Simplified installation with pluggable modular wiring connectors used throughout.
  • Flat-pack steel mounting bracket can be installed first, controller can be fitted later
  • Comprehensive software support for all common lighting control applications
  • A full range of matching accessories including sensors, scene plates, prefabricated cables available;
  • Supports for switched circuits, DSI dimming (both models), 1-10V dimming (InfraLIGHT 249) broadcast DALI control (InfraLIGHT 260)
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

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