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SmartSensor™ allows big ideas to become a reality, with enhanced functionalities that are so easy to set up that a room full of lighting can be commissioned in less than five minutes by a typical installer - without the need for specialist equipment.

Fast installation, Simple setup and easy commissioning  all help to keep project costs low while SmartSensor’s advanced features offer the benefits traditionally associated with more expensive and complex control solutions.

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Fast Installation
With all pluggable connections and a simple fixing clip, installing SmartSensor is quick and easy.  A full range of prefabricated connecting cables eliminate the need to terminate wires at ceiling height, while the optional Powered Wiring Centre provides a pluggable wiring hub with inbuilt DALI power supply – just connect to a mains supply and plug in up to 12 light fittings.
 Simple Setup
For the simplest one-room applications, SmartSensor can be used as a plug and play device, controlling a single group of lamps with presence detection and daylight harvesting straight out of the box with no setup required.  Just add a DALI power supply or plug in to the optional Powered Wiring Centre and you’re away.

Need to access more features?  Setup and commissioning is simple via the use of a low-cost remote control or the SmartSensor app.  SmartSensor acts as its own commissioning system, auto-discovering and addressing DALI lamps and providing a simple means for grouping and configuration with clear visual feedback via two onboard LEDs.
Flexible Solution
SmartSensor covers a wide range of applications.  Three different lens styles ensure optimum detection for every use case while wall switches for override and dimming can be wired in via optional switch input connections on the sensor.

As well as standard occupancy-based control, SmartSensor also offers advanced features such as corridor and zone linking and the ability to use multiple sensors within a zone.  Daylight harvesting can be set up with offsets to dim up to three rows of lamps independently from a single sensor.

Low Power Consumption
SmartSensor features a powerful 32-bit ARM processor for more responsive control and better performance.  An advanced three-stage digital filter ensures maximum detection sensitivity whilst protecting against erroneous false triggers.  Despite this, intelligent power management techniques mean that SmartSensor is incredibly efficient, using up to 80% less energy than other widely-sold DALI sensors, providing the freedom to design DALI systems without having to worry about the constraints of sensor power consumption.
Linking Up
Where lighting controls need to integrate with HVAC or other building services, or where remote monitoring, automatic emergency light testing or web connectivity are required, SmartSensor forms part of the SmartBridge™ managed lighting solution.  SmartBridge provides open connectivity via HTML5, web services and BACnet/IP to integrate seamlessly with all popular BMS installations.

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